1. The reservation becomes valid after making the payment.

1a. For Full Day outings, you can only cancel this reservation 48 hours in advance, where you can request a 100% refund of the money or be used as a credit for another outing.

1 B. For departures of two days or more, the reservation may be canceled 5 days in advance, where a 100% refund of the money may be requested or used as credit for another departure.

2. If the client does not show up at the stipulated departure time, PUMA ADVENTURES will consider the activity completed without the right to reimbursement or payment for another departure.

3. The activity has a stipulated start time, in order to comply with the itinerary. Due to the above and out of respect for all the participants who are planned and arrive at the scheduled time, the waiting time is a maximum of 10 minutes, with prior justification of the reasons for the delay. If the participant does not arrive within that period, PUMA ADVENTURES will start the activity, without the right to reimbursement or payment for another trip.

4. If for reasons of force majeure the departure cannot be carried out, such as due to weather conditions or determination of the authority, PUMA ADVENTURES reserves the right to cancel the expedition at any time, where the reserve money can be used as credit for another outing or your 100% refund.

5. If for any reason the client cannot attend, they can transfer their quota to another person by informing formally through the email info@pumaadventures.cl. The new participant must have the minimum physical conditions to carry out the activity

1. PUMA ADVENTURES reserves the right to exclude any person, at any time during the expedition if, in the opinion of the guide, this person puts the health and safety of other clients, the environment or himself or herself at risk. . In this case, PUMA ADVENTURES will not return the money.

2. If during the expedition, the weather conditions are not optimal to guarantee the safety of the clients, PUMA ADVENTURES reserves the right to cancel the expedition at any time. In this case, PUMA ADVENTURES will not return the money.

3. Each person is responsible for the material provided to them. In case of loss or breakage of this due to misuse, the client must bear the costs of repair or replacement.

4. In the event that the client decides to use his own equipment, he will be responsible for it and any incidents and/or accidents that may be caused by it, exempting PUMA ADVENTURES from any liability.

5. PUMA ADVENTURES reserves the right to take photographs, film or record any tour or part of it and to use the resulting photographs, videos or films for promotional purposes. By registering with PUMA ADVENTURES, you agree to these terms and allow these images to appear in such advertising media. The members of the trip who prefer that their image and/or voice not be used, are asked to notify them at the beginning of the activity.

6. During our mountain expeditions, we guarantee the logistics but not the success of the ascent, which is obviously linked to the capacity of our clients. The decision of one of our guides to interrupt an ascent must be respected by the passengers. For the safety of the client and for legal reasons, the decision and the choice of the guide are irrevocable.

7. PUMA ADVENTURES is not responsible for theft or loss of personal items during the trek or during transportation.

8. PUMA ADVENTURES cannot be held responsible for accidents or bodily injuries, such as possible injuries or accidents that may arise from the practice of this activity or sport.

1. Our full day expeditions do not include any type of insurance.

2. All our high mountain or camping expeditions have accident insurance.

3. It will be specified in the detail of each trip if it has insurance or not.

4. The maximum age limit of the insured may not exceed 70 years of age.

4. The insurance will cover the following incidents:

4.a Sprains and all kinds of fractures.
4.b Accidental dismemberment.
4.c Accidental death.
4.d Reimbursement of medical expenses due to accident.

5. Total coverage is up to 600 UF per claim.

1. A guide can take a group of up to 8 people. If the number of participants increases, a second guide will be added.

2. The minimum age of the participant for trekking activities is 17 years old.

3. It is not suitable for pregnant women.

4. It is not suitable for people who are coming out of bone medical convalescence, especially in the knees.

5. It is not suitable for people who have heart problems or who have pacemakers.

6. It is not suitable for people suffering from apnea or respiratory disorders.

7. It is not suitable for people who suffer from dizziness or problems with the middle ear.

8. It is not suitable for sedentary and overweight people.

9. It is not accepted to be accompanied by any type of pet.

10. It is not allowed to consume alcohol, smoke cigarettes or consume any type of substance.